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 About making an Indie Collaboration...

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About making an Indie Collaboration... Empty
PostSubject: About making an Indie Collaboration...   About making an Indie Collaboration... EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 4:14 pm

If you want to sing a song with other members here that is not in the album set releases. Make a thread here.

Make sure the title of the thread explains what you want to do. If you just want to dub a song, for e.g. "I want to dub Cinderella Complex". Then write "[Jpop]Cinderella Complex". If it's like a few songs from a group then write that. for e.g. "[Kpop] 3 songs from SNSD". Try to be clear what you're trying to do from the title so people who are interested will look straight away. (and we really don't need 10s of threads saying "I want to dub this." or "guys, let's do these songs I like") e.t.c

Things you need to know:
1. I'm not responsible for anything that happens in here (Unless i'm the one who puts up the collaboration post). So if you put up a post, you will have to do your own casting, find your own audio/PV mixer. (If you need me to help, ask me, if I have time I will try Smile )

2. Make sure you give sufficient information. Provide the PV and lyrics. If it's a rare song that most people wouldn't know or have, try to provide a mp3 too.

3. I am happy to put it up on Akarui Mirai Project channel if you like me to do that. Just send me a link to the finished product. If you prefer to post it on your own channel, that's ok too Smile

4. This is not members only. It's your own project if you like. So if you want to recruit members from here but also members from other projects/ your friends to do this dub. That is fine with me as long as it is fine with the people who are joining you on this venture. XD
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About making an Indie Collaboration...
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