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 How does casting work?

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How does casting work? Empty
PostSubject: How does casting work?   How does casting work? EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 11:38 am

Casting preference form

What is it about?
Every one has their own favourite and least favourite MM member, and everyone has their favourite and least favourite song. The whole point of this form is to give me an idea of who you want to be, or how much or how little you'd like to sing in a song before I decide who gets to sing what.

What are those little code next to the casting members (e.g. (M)Takahashi Ai) means? I don't get it.
They are indicating how much singing does that member do in the song.

What is M, S1, S2, Chorus mean?
M = Main role, the leading part (in most of the songs of recent MM, it'll be Tanaka Reina and Takahashi Ai).

S1 = What some people will call "sub". The support parts. They have solo parts as well, but less than the main roles.(In most of the songs of recent MM, it'll be Kamei Eri and Niigaki Risa).

S2 = They are parts where they sing a bit less than S1. Like 2 or 3 solo lines in the song. (Like Sayumi in many of the recent MM songs. Sometimes Aika too.)

C = The Chorus pretty much, depending on the songs you may get some duets, or a single solo line. Most of the time it's Jun/Lin, or Jun/Lin/Aika/Sayu. Tsuku must hate them.

I get it now. So how to I fill in this form?
Think about which song you like best, or if there is anyone you specifically want to sing for a particular song. The whole basis of this form is to let me know that. Let's use our first album tracklist as an example (details are here) .

"Seishun Collection is pretty much a all-in-unison song and I don't mind not getting the solo lines at all, I don't have a preference on which person I want to be."

Seishun Collection: C

"I love Fantasy ga hajimaru and would want to take the role of Main lead there!"

Fantasy ga hajimaru: M.

"I love Kamei and I love to be her in 3, 2, 1 breaking out. But if I don't get her, I would want to lead this."

3, 2, 1 breaking out: Kamei, otherwise M.

"Genki Pika Pika is ok.. I've already opt to be main in 2 other songs and I've chosen to be a Chorus on Seishun Collection, and I don't mind who I sing as in this song so i'll be a sub here"

Genki Pika Pika : S1.

"Genki Pika pika is ok, I don't mind at all... but NOT AIKA!"
Genki Pika Pika : Don't mind... but not AIKA!


"Genki Pika pika sux0rz!!!! No way in hell am I going to sing this"
Genki Pika Pika: I don't want to be in this dub.
(NB: this situation, a trainee will cover you)

Is there any restrictions/ rules on this?
Yes. You are only allowed to choose M (or a member of the cast that leads) on 2 of the songs.. All other songs, you will have to choose S1, S2 or C.

Am I guaranteed to get what I want?
No, as the name of the form suggests, this is a preference form. I will try my best to accommodate, but you may not get what you want for everything. It is unlikely that you will lead 2 songs everytime, the reason you are allowed to choose 2 songs is that I will try to make you lead at least one of the songs you like. If you don't get to lead on a song you wanted, I will try to give you a S1.. or S2 to the worst. (given that you didn't say "not the S1s on the preference form).

I'm still confused. WHAT?
It's ok, at the end of the day, this is just to point out your preference, if you prefer, write in prose. Smile This, if you like, it's like a short hand of telling me your preferences without having to write out wall of texts.

I'm a trainee, do I get to choose?
Yes Smile However, proper members will have priority over you :3. And naturally, you won't get to choose to be main on any of the songs. As a trainee, you may also want to say which song you would really want to dub, or which song you wouldn't mind the least to not be involved in.

Insights on how the casting work.
In my mind (and in my mastermind spreadsheet), you guys are separated into 3 groups:

High pitch: The voices that suits Reina, Sayumi, Eri, Jun Jun.
Low pitch: The voices that suits Ai, Risa, Aika, Lin Lin.
Balanced pitch: Voices that will fit both high and low.

I know it is arguable whether Aika, Jun Jun belongs to where they belong, this is just a reference point, it's not rigid. It is set like this because most of the time, Ai/Reina are M, Risa and Eri are S1, Aika/Sayu are S2 and Jun/Lin are C. This is to ensure both style of voices gets a decent amount of singing.

Unless your preference opposes this grouping, otherwise you will be allocated as of this. Let's take Genki Pika Pika as an example:

(M) Takahashi Ai:
(M) Tanaka Reina:
(S1) Kamei Eri:
(S1) Niigaki Risa:
(C) Michishige Sayumi:
(C) Mitsui Aika:
(C) Jun Jun:
(C) Lin Lin:

If you chose M and you're a low pitch, you will most likely get Ai. If you're high pitch, Reina. if you chose C, a low pitch may get Lin or Aika, a high pitch may get Sayu or Jun.

Note: Even though I have you guys grouped like this, as your voices develops or changes, you may get moved. e.g. If you are a Balanced pitch and I found that you are development a very nice bottom half of the voice, you might get moved to Low pitch for e.g.

I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. XD

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How does casting work?
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