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Welcome to Akarui Mirai Project forum! Smile

Whether you're a current member or just a visitor, I hope you enjoy your stay ^^

General information about this forum
General: Is where all the general things occur. Chat, general information etc.
Planning: Where ideas and planning of the next album takes place. This includes: Deciding on Tracklist, Title of the album, casting of each songs in the album.
Album Factory: Where the actual work takes place after planning. This is where the information of the album we're working on is placed. Lines will be handed in here also. Released Album forum will store all the old information of released album, links to the album tracks, and also a opinion review of the performance.
Others: Thing that don't fit anywhere else.

1. First and foremost: We are here to have fun. If you're not enjoying your stay, tell me why on Suggestion and complaints forum. If there is anything we can do to make your time happier - tell me why on the Suggestion and complaints forum.

2. Casting: I will try to be as fair as possible on the casting. However, there will be chances where I may have over-looked something. So if you're not happy about the cast, or if you think you have been given much less leading roles than other people. Tell me, message me on Youtube, forum, or make a post in Suggestions and complaints. I am perfectly happy to reconsider and change things. ^_^

3. Deadlines: Let's face it, I'm not going to kill you over it. We are here to have fun in our free time. It would help if everyone keep to the deadline. But if there are situations that makes it impossible for you to do it. Tell me. If you just haven't had time to learn the song and need a few more days to learn it, tell me. It is perfectly OK to ask for extension, but please don't just say nothing and let the deadline pass without saying anything. If you don't ask for an extension and the deadline is gone, I will find a cover for you. If you keep on missing deadlines without communication, I may kick you out of the project, or demote you to being a trainee until situations improve.

I would much rather give you a bit more time to do your lines than for you to rush it and hand in something that sounds like you blatantly do not know the song!

4. Be Civil: Everyone is here to have fun ^^ So please don't give anyone a hard time. It is ok to be critical, but don't be mean Very Happy
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General Information | Rules
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