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 About being a Trainee.

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About being a Trainee. Empty
PostSubject: About being a Trainee.   About being a Trainee. EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 6:24 pm

Why am I a trainee? Why am I not a proper generation member?
You are put into trainee because I see something in your voice that I like. But I think you can do with a bit of practice before letting you lead a song in the project.

How is it different to being a proper member of the project?
As a trainee, you will still be involved in the proper release of Akarui Mirai Project. But you will not lead a song. (i.e. You will not be singing the main leads, namely Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina in most of the recent MM songs) In casting code, this is tagged as "M". However, S1, S2 and C are all open and considered for trainees. So you WILL get solo lines. But you just won't get the most solo lines in a song.

In casting, preferences of proper members will be considered first. After casting proper members, the remaining roles will be assigned to trainees, taking consideration of your preferences.

You will also be covering the proper members when required.

So am I going to be a trainee forever? How can I become a proper member?
Every time we have released something, I will give you feedback on how well have you done, and what you can do to improve. I encourage you to take this feedback and try to improve on the next recording. When I feel you are ready, You will be given a promotion test.

What is a promotion test?
A promotion test will be a song on the next album which I will let you take the lead, step into the spotlight. If I think you have made the cut, you will be promoted to be a proper member. Taking the rotational rota as of a proper member.

I think I have made a lot of progress, but you still haven't offered me a promotion test! *sad face*
Please come talk to me about it! If there is a reason why I still don't think you're ready, I will tell you. If I don't manage to convince you, you will get a promotion test and we will decide it upon that!

"Training Arena" Forum:
This is the training room for trainees. To let you get more practice and improve. We will dub trainee singles (not sure what to name it yet). They may be put on Akarui Mirai without the official "[Akarui Mirai]" release label, or I may make a separate channel for this(not decided).

In here we will sing all sorts of songs, there won't be deadlines for these, we will release it when everyone hand in their lines. As usual, after release you will get your feedback which I would like you to aim on improving on the next training release.
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About being a Trainee.
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